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What is 1Planet4all?

The international 'actforplanet' campaign is part of the 1Planet4All project. It is a response to the fact that especially young people are concerned about climate change and want to protect it, but they don't always know which solutions make the most sense. This campaign offers them practical ways in which they can effectively contribute to climate protection. It shows how our daily decisions can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also help us: they can help us save money, reduce the stress we are exposed to and make us happier. This can help us enjoy a more balanced life.

The campaign was launched in four countries: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal and Spain. It is run by People in Need in cooperation with Mondo, Vida and Ayuda en Acción, and it is funded by the European Commission. We launched it in April 2022 and it will continue to run until June 2022.

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